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I’m building a house, what do I put on the windows?

Welcome back to Window Talk! Where you get all the window tips, tricks and trends you need to make your windows work for you. Today’s topic is for those brave and daring souls who are building their own home. We take our collective hats off to these adventurers, it’s a big task that needs patience and focus. The range of options and ideas that need to be taken into account to build a home that is going to work for you and your family are daunting to say the least, so we thought a blog entry to help with the window treatments would do a lot of good!

Lounge & Dining Areas 


In today’s modern home, the lounge and dining area is the centre of family life, needing to accommodate dining, relaxing and entertaining. Add to this a craving for natural light and the height, width and volume of window meterage has continued to increase in the standard family home making window treatments an ever bigger part of day to day life. How much light, when you need light and when you don’t need light are all questions to take into account when choosing your window treatments.

In terms of functionality, nothing beats block out curtains and sheers for insulation, light control and acoustic properties. They also add a level of luxury to a room that is difficult to replicate with other interior furnishings. In terms of aesthetics, modern trends have moved the sheer to the inside (room facing). Sheers provide richness while still letting in natural light, like sunglasses for your home. They also soften the harsh lines of modern open plan homes, where we have large open spaces that can feel cavernous and cold.

If curtains are not to your taste or are not practical in the space, roller blinds are a fantastic option. Clean and crisp, roller blinds provide a neat look and can be squeezed into the awkward sized windows favoured by many architects these days. A combination of sheers with roller blinds behind can also be an option for those who don't want the bulk of layered curtains but still want the richness curtains provide. 

Wet areas - Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom

Wet areas

For wet areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, window treatments need to be hardy, water resistant and compact to deal with the functional necessities of these spaces. Screen roller blinds (sheer roller blinds) do a fantastic job of meeting these criteria. Mould resistant, dust resistant and water resistant, high quality screen roller blinds (like the ones we recommend at Unique) are aluminium with powder coated stainless steel controls instead of nickel that provide a more durable mechanism than lower quality blinds. 

Shutters are also extremely popular at the moment, and for areas where water damage is a possibility, PVC or polyresin shutters are a solid option. They are custom made to most window sizes and can be wiped clean easily. 

Living Spaces

Living Spaces

Choosing window treatments for your living and TV room is also dependent on your needs, but we tend to see roller blinds or honeycomb blinds combined with sheers working well for many. You get flexibility in terms of light control as well the richness of sheers without the heavy bulk of a curtain. Translucent rollers blinds are also a fantastic option, as they ensure a nice bright space in the mornings while giving privacy at night.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Arguably the most important room in the house, the master bedroom needs to feel special. We recommend sheers with blockout linings behind or the classic blockout curtains with sheers behind, with both options achieving the same stunning result and functionality. Sheers provide privacy during daytime hours with the blockout lining or curtains (which are on a separate track) giving you full light control during the night and morning. To block out that early morning sun or even day time sun for those who need to sleep during the day, nothing is better than full block out curtains. The aesthetic effects of sheers and curtains is also a deciding factor for many, and in the master bedroom, a feeling of warmth, richness and hotel opulence is what the right sheers and curtains can bring to the room.

Kid’s Rooms

Last and certainly not least, what do you put on your children’s windows? For girls, neutral coloured sheers usually work perfectly, as they do not age and will last for many years. As they age, accessories, artwork and bedding can all be updated, as a well made neutral sheer will match all and not need to be redone. For the boys, darker coloured sheers and block outs consistent with the colour palette of the house are a safe and reliable bet. As with girls rooms, neutral colours are always a good option that will stand the test of time. Roman blinds also work well in boys rooms for something a bit different.

Well that's all we have time for today folks! Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you next time for another edition of Window Talk. If you are building a home here in Perth and need help with your window treatments, don't hesitate and give us a call on 0892402424  or email us so we can give you the right advice, first time.