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Unique Curtains and Blinds is a second generation family business, serving the Western Australia market for over 30 years. Quality is very important to us, and our dedicated team is committed to providing the best curtain styles, blinds, shutters and specialty products possible.

We believe making curtains and blinds is a craft, and we take this very seriously – our seamstresses, upholsterers and installers are some of the most experienced in the industry. Our curtain design team will help you develop the best range of window coverings for your home and we make selecting the right contemporary curtains a breeze – even with the hundreds of choices we have on offer.

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Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are our most popular window covering. They add a softness and elegance to any home, and allow you to let the light in, while still providing daytime privacy. Easily combined with other window treatments, like roller blinds and lined curtains, our sheer curtains look fantastic in traditional and contemporary designs.

As well as looking gorgeous, sheer curtains are long-lasting and provide protection from UV rays, reducing glare and protecting your furnishings from fading.

Our range of sheer curtain fabrics is endless – so you are sure to find a design to suit your needs

Sheer Curtains

Blockout Curtains

Selecting the perfect blockout curtains for your home is easy at Unique Curtains and Blinds. We have one of the largest ranges of fabrics in Western Australia, with beautiful, soft drapes and hundreds of colours and patterns. Maximising your privacy, controlling light and ensuring the best acoustic and insulating properties, our blockout curtains are perfect for theatre rooms, bedrooms and children's nurseries.

As well as the widest range of colours and patterns, our blockout curtains have the industries best linings.

Blockout curtains

Heading Types

If you take a look at the top of a curtain, you will realise they aren't all the same. Called the 'heading', the top of a window treatment is a great way to reflect your individual style. From elaborate to understated, curtain heading styles speak volumes about attention to detail. At Unique Curtains and Blinds, we have three main curtain headings:

  • Inverted Pleat
  • Wave Heading
  • Pinch Pleating
Heading types


Shutters are becoming more popular in Australia – and for good reason. Shutters allow you to filter light and maximise privacy, all while giving you a great view outside.

At Unique Curtains and Blinds we offer two main systems, a Basswood timber shutter and a polyresin product. Both look terrific, with a range of louvre sizes, frames and colours to complement your home. They can be fitted so they are hinged, sliding or bi-fold, giving you the best option for your window.

Measuring and installing shutters correctly is really important. You want to get the best fit for your window, with the most suitable frame.

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds or cellular blinds are the newest innovation in eco design for window coverings. Made with single or double cells that look just like honeycomb, these blinds create a barrier of air that maximises thermal efficiency in your home. Great news if you want to manage your heating and cooling costs.

And with a huge range of fabric colours, our honeycomb blinds look fantastic in any room.

Honeycomb blinds are a revolutionary way to dress your windows.

Honeycomb blinds
Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds are one of our most popular products. Complementing your décor beautifully, roller blinds from Unique Curtains and Blinds allow just the right amount of light in, with three levels of opacity. Screen – clear view and heat protection. Screen fabrics allow natural light to flow gently into your room. They block out most of the UV rays, so there's no glare. Translucent – natural light and privacy. Translucent blinds create a relaxed atmosphere, letting some light into your home, while also providing privacy, day and night

Blockout – Total privacy. As the name suggests, blockout blinds provide maximum privacy and insulating properties.

Roller blinds
String Curtains

Sometimes it's important to create a private space, while also enabling a sense of space and openness. A string curtain is the perfect solution. Very much like a sheer, a string curtain maximises light, while providing daytime privacy. String curtains are ideally suited as screens, with many interior designers using them instead of walls or partitions.

We use high quality Rainfall String Curtains which are durable, washable and do not tangle.

Our string curtains are ideal for large voids, and can easily accommodate long drops.

String curtains